QuietKat Fat Tire Electric Bike Accessories


E-Bike Accessories


QK Single Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit by 1Up

    Bike Racks single $

  • 100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA

  • Fits 2” receiver

  • Includes Hitch Lock

  • Rack weight 28 lb.

  • Increase bike capacity to 3 electric bikes max with additional Add-Ons (sold separately)

  • Fits 16”–29” wheels, 1Up Spacer Kit pre-installed for fat tire

  • Rapid tilt and folding mechanism for a smaller footprint

  • Bike Rack arms close to secure tires without touching the frame

  • Ships in reusable box for easy storage (30” x 14” x 8”); shipping weight 30 lb.

  • This rack will carry One bike. To add additional bikes, use the Super-Duty Add-On Electric Bike Racks (sold separately)

  • All rack parts anodized, except a powder-coat finish on the trays

QK Single Add-On With Fat Tire Kit by 1Up

    Bike rack Double $

Easy-to-install Add-On trays allow you to carry additional electric bikes using your QK bike rack by 1Up. Add up to 2 Add-On racks to your QK Single Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit by 1Up to carry up to 2 additional bikes.

More than 2 Add-On racks will increase the weight capacity beyond the 225lb rating of the hitch system.

2020 QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel

    Cargo cart single $

  • Model: 20QKCTSW

  • UPC #:609832636571

  • Single wheel design provides excellent stability and maneuverability

  • Suspension for off-road travel in rugged terrain

  • Cargo Trailer quickly attaches to the rear axle

  • 14”x 24” of cargo space

  • 20”x 4” tire handles mud, snow, sand, and more

  • Weight is 34 pounds 

QuietKat Cargo Trailer – (2 Wheel)

    Cargo cart double $

  • Model: 19QK2WT

  • UPC #: 707772415888

  • Two-Wheel design makes loading and unloading easy

  • Three-Way Adjustable Rack angle

  • Suspension for off-road travel

  • Game Cart Quickly attaches to rear axle

  • 47″ long, 18″ wide cargo area

  • 20”x 4” wheels

  • Weight 37.8 pounds



  • 9/16” Axle (Apex, Predator, Warrior, Ambush, Ranger, Bandit, Voyager, Denali, Sequoia, Zion, Canyon)

  • 12mm Axle (Quantum, RidgeRunner, Fat RidgeRunner)

QuietKat 2020 Pannier Rack


   Pannier Rack $


  • 19″ Rack: Model #: 18QKRPR19 // UPC #: 680666716073

  • 17″ Rack: Model #: 18QKRPR17 // UPC #: 680666715427

  • High strength, lightweight aluminum

  • 5” x 15.5”

  • 0.4″ (15mm) Diameter

Front & Rear Fenders

    Fenders Black - $

Quick attach front and rear fenders keep your QuietKat electric mountain bike clean and dry in wet and muddy conditions.

Flex Fender

    Flex fenders $

  • Model: QKFF

  • UPC #: 707772415734

  • Durable, flexible plastic

  • Easily attaches to the fork of your electric bike using included cable-ties

  • 5” wide x 14″ long

  • Color: Stealth Black

All About Electric Bike Accessories

Deciding which bike accessories are right for you first necessitates a look at where you’d like to spend your time in the saddle. If you’re planning on using your e-bike to commute around town and leave the car in the carriage when you need to run and get groceries, then your e-bike accessories of choice should trend more towards a bottle cage and rear rack. But, if you have grand visions of off-the-grid adventures, you’ll need to look a little deeper into finding electric bike accessories that are suited for being far away from the car.

But, no matter which bike you choose the no-compromise accessories include bike tools in case you hit an unexpected snag, a bike helmet, a bike light, and a spare bike tire tube (be sure to double check sizing before you purchase).

What accessories do I need for my electric commuter bike?

Riding an electric bike around town is an awesome way to beat the traffic, get a little exercise, and go green. Electric commuter and road bikes oftentimes have a water bottle cage mount built right into the bike frame so adding one is quick, easy, and ensures you always have H2O on hand. 

 Choosing a bike like the Sherpa Cargo E-Bike with a built-in cargo rack is great for tying down things you’d like to transport around town. Alternatively, pannier bags are a great way to haul groceries or other gear without worrying they’ll get wet.

What accessories do I need for my electric mountain bike?

Ask almost any mountain biker and they’ll say that an upgraded seat post was an unexpected way to completely increase enjoyment on their bike. If you’re planning on sticking to relatively flat ground then take a deeper look at suspension seat posts—the unique parallelogram design allows for smooth small bump compliance. But, if you have aspirations of steep downhill descents, a good dropper post helps get your saddle out of the way so you can get into a much stabler and more balanced athletic position. Truth be told, around the QuietKat office, a good dropper post is our favorite accessory.

How can I increase the power of my electric bike?

While it’s not recommended to hack your motor to increase speed and power of your electric bike, investing in a backup high-quality lithium ion battery pack can increase the distance you can travel and elongate the life of your battery.